The most powerful story is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. —Qian Julie Wang


Storytelling Group for AAPI Young Adults

Co-facilitated with Aubrey Nishikawa, AMFT #114638

At a glance:

  • Mondays from 6:30pm-8:00pm June 6 - August 1 (No meeting July 4)

  • 90-minute group sessions for 8 weeks via telehealth

  • 4-5 members with 2 facilitators in a closed group (meaning members will stay the same throughout the duration of the group)

  • All participants will go through a screening process to help promote emotional safety and ensure this group will provide you the support you are needing at this time.

  • Weekly take-home or in-group prompts for creative writing, self-reflection, and interpersonal processing

  • Tentative topics include: identity, shame, family, inner child, values, model minority, home & belonging, and dreams

When you write and share your story in a safe, nurturing environment, you can begin to heal the parts of you that believe your story is not “good enough.” It may soften the voice that says your story “should not” be shared. And it may help cultivate compassion toward yourself. When you listen to others share their story, you can increase your ability to embody empathy. You can engage in collective care and support. And you may experience hope for your own story. . One of the benefits of group settings is the ability to experience the power of universality-you know that feeling of relief when you think, “Thank goodness it’s not just me!” You will also be working with therapists who will help guide & support you as you learn to hold space for yourself and others.

Many AAPI folks are navigating the various impacts of the pandemic experiences with isolation, racial trauma, family dynamics, job transitions, mental health, etc. My co-facilitator, colleague, and dear friend, Aubrey and I want to offer a space for members of the AAPI community to gather and heal together through writing, poetry, and storytelling. We will be following a series of planned topics & writing prompts while also engaging in organic conversation and discussion.

Get to know my co-facilitator and dear friend, Aubrey Nishikawa

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